Kids Martial Arts Training

Tugra Shan Martial Arts is a great way to learn a variety of self-defence techniques that enable children to learn how to protect and defend themselves in a variety of realistic and real-life situations.

Our kids’ martial arts classes have been designed to be fun, safe and have a variety of self-defence arts including:


Brazilian Jiu-JItsu









Tugra Shan Martial Arts Academy Kids Training Adults Morphett Vale Reynella
Tugra Shan Martial Arts Academy Kids Training Adults Morphett Vale Reynella

Kids Martial Arts in Christies Beach, Morphett Vale & Reynella

We offer three kid’s martial arts classes per week (term times only) and teach children from 4 years of age upwards.  Our experienced tutors have been teaching kids martial arts for over 20 years and our classes are suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.


Juniors 5.30pm – 6.30 pm

Reynella East College Primary gym

Gate 3 Car Park, 63 Malbeck Dr                 REYNELLA EAST SA 5161

Juniors 5:30pm/ Adults 6:30pm – 8pm



Juniors 5.00 – 6.00pm

  Antonio Catholic School gym

Entry via the Rear car Park at 25 Stanley St MORPHETT VALE SA 5162

Juniors 5pm/ Adults 6pm – 8pm



Juniors 5.30 pm – 6.30 pm

Christies Beach Primary gym

Cnr of Price St & McKay Ave,                          CHRISTIES BEACH SA 5165

Juniors 5:30pm/ Adults 6:30pm – 8pm


Beginners and Advanced Students

Beginners and advanced students are welcome at all classes.

To help new students learn the basics and feel relaxed, we pair you with one of our experienced students during your first few weeks.

This helps beginners to build their skills, confidence and then progress to additional training when they feel confident in the basics.

Tugra Shan Martial Arts Academy Kids Training Adults Morphett Vale Reynella

Kids Karate

A typical class starts with a warmup and stretches followed by some karate.  You’ll learn a variety of punching, kicking and self-defence techniques which have been organised into a kata.  A kata is a combination of self-defence moves put together into a sequence to make them easy to learn.  Each different coloured belt will learn a different kata and this series of moves are  practised and form part of gradings.

Kids Kickboxing

Sparring is a crucial part of learning self-defence as this allows participants to learn, apply and refine self-defence techniques in  one on one, or group settings.  Kickboxing is an excellent way to gain reality-based fighting experience in a controlled and safe setting.   We wear boxing gloves/soft mitts and padded shin protectors for maximum safety and use light contact.

Kids Self-defence and Jujitsu

After a few rounds of kickboxing, we then move to the mat for self-defence and Jujitsu.  Here we cover a range of different attacks and defensive combinations.  Children are taught an array of different throws, blocks, break falls (safe ways to fall), joint and wrist locks and other self-defence methods aimed at protecting themselves and neutralising the threat from one or multiple attackers.

All-Inclusive Kids Martial Arts Classes

Our kids’ martial arts classes are all-inclusive, so we take children of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.  Our instructors work with children so they can learn at their own pace and feel confident and in control.  Learning martial arts is more than just self-defence, our classes help build confidence, self-control, respect, discipline and resilience which are great all-round life skills.

Martial Arts Uniforms & Equipment

A stylish black uniform is included as part of your initial membership fee.  After this you will need either soft mitts or boxing gloves along with shin guards or shin instep protectors and a mouthguard to participate in kickboxing sparring sessions.  We sell all this equipment along with uniforms, belts, eskrima sticks, bokken and saya (wooden sword and sheath) at heavily discounted prices for club members.

Martial Arts Training Tailored To Your Needs

We pride ourselves on helping you achieve your goals and at TSMA (Tugra Shan Martial Arts) you can train at the level you feel comfortable.  Our programs encourage students to build strength and confidence along with physical, mental and psychological fitness.  From basic self-defence to high-level advanced techniques, we cater for all students of all abilities.

Female Friendly Martial Arts

We cater equally for males and females and ensure that all new students are welcomed into our martial arts family.  We go out of our way to ensure all new students feel at ease and welcome people of all different backgrounds and abilities.

Private Tutoring – Martial Arts –  Kids and adults?

We support all our students in achieving their goals and offer highly competitive prices on private martial arts training.  You do not need to attend our regular classes to access private tutoring.  Many students take advantage of our low-cost private tuition to refine their skills before a grading, to progress faster or to help them reach their martial arts goals quicker.

Beyond Martial Arts

We have a diverse range of members across all age groups with our youngest 4 years old to our oldest members in their 70’s .  We encourage respect and camaraderie and have occasional ‘dinners’ to help build a supportive and inclusive martial arts academy.

Many members form lifelong friendships and find that their martial arts practice has positive impacts on all areas of their life including

Reduction in stress and anxiety


Healthy mind, body and spirit


Improved fitness, flexibility and co-ordination


Increased confidence and self-control

Tugra Shan Martial Arts Academy Kids Adults Morphett Vale Reynella JOHN ALFORD